What is Taekwondo

Taekwondo is an ancient Korean Martial Art of Self-Defence. Tae means to kick or smash with feet Kwon means fist or to punch and Do means art or way. Taekwondo is much more than kicking and punching. It is action philosophy designed as a complete non-violent discipline of entire body training and character building. By practicing Taekwondo, one will benefit in these ways:

Physically:Good co-ordination, toning, reduction of weight, improved flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, increased strength, general fitness.

Mentally:Self confidence, self-discipline, better judgement, self control, stress reduction, better self image, positive attitude.

Philosophically:Tae Kwon Do stands for and promotes the principal of honesty, courtesy, humility, respect, courage, generosity, loyalty and perseverance.

Integrating these three aspects into one’s daily life will result in harmony, health and happiness for the individual and will build freedom, justice and peace in our society.

TaeKwonDo Oath                                         TaeKwonDo Tenets

I shall observe the tenets of Tae Kwon Do                                        Courtesy (Ye Ui)

I shall respect the instructor and seniors                                          Integrity (Yom Chi)

I shall never misuse Tae Kwon Do                                                      Self-Control (Gu)

I shall be a champion of freedom and justice                                   Perseverance (In Nae)

I shall build a more peaceful world                                                     Indomitable Spirit

The Belt System

White: Represents the INNOCENCE of the beginner who does not yet have any knowledge of Taekwondo

Yellow: Represents the EARTH in which the seed of Taekwondo is planted, symbolising a student’s latent abilities.

Green: Represents a GROWING SHOOT, symbolising the student’s abilities as they start to develop.

Blue: Represents the HEAVENS or SKY towards which the shoot is reaching, as the student attempts to reach beyond competence to excellence.

Red: Represents DANGER, a warning to the student to excercise self-control and for opponents to beware.

Black: Represents MATURITY, the opposite of the innocence of the White Belt.