With the mushrooming of Taekwondo schools all over the place, Traditional Taekwondo Association will stay firm in its resolve to maintain the traditional aspects of Taekwondo practices. The practice of traditional Taekwondo as it has always been for centuries is to enhance the Total Health being of the individual (i.e. the mind, body and spirit). This is achieved as the novice undergoes:

Fitness & co-ordination training- Good co-ordination, toning, reduction of weight, improved flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, increased strength, general fitness.

Self Discipline- Self confidence, self-discipline, better judgement, self control, stress reduction, better self image. positive attitude.

Team Work- The student learns to work with fellow members as part of the team in class and interrelation between peer groups, seniors and juniors.

Respect- The student takes on more responsibility in terms of looking after juniors and guiding them. At the same time, he or she learns to seek guidance from his or her seniors and is responsible towards them.

High Achievers- The student learns to persevere and develop a strong tenacity to be responsible for his or her actions and achieve set goals and tasks.

High Morality- With the aquiring of skills which convert his or her hands and feet into lethal weapons, the student learns to abide by the tenets and oath of Taekwondo to achieve a sense of fair play, justice and loyalty to ethics of Taekwondo.

Not all Taekwondo Schools advocate these methods. These are the ways of the Traditional Taekwondo Association.