What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art famous for kicking techniques, Taekwondo means “The way or art of hand and foot”.

What age do you need to be to do Taekwondo?

We have students starting between 5 and 50 years young.

I’m not that fit how will this affect my performance?

You don’t have to be a marathon runner to do Taekwondo as long as you know your limitations and are willing to learn gradually your fitness will improve over time.

We build beginners fitness up gradually, depending upon age and ability – you’ll be surprised how much fitter you will be after just one month!

I don’t know anybody in the class and feel a bit shy at joining?

There is a good mix of friendly students at our clubs who will make you welcome, after a few weeks of getting to know the group you will feel like one of the family.

Why take up Taekwondo?

Lots of reason, fitness, confidence a feeling of achieving, become a black belt, self defence, self esteem.

Why the TTA?

We run under the strict supervision of Grandmaster TK Loh 10th Degree who is one of the worlds greatest authorities on Taekwon Do and Taekwon Do technique. This is why we can pride ourselves on the quality of our Taekwon Do as it is not allowed to be diluted.

How do you progress?

You get assessments every 3 months held by Grandmaster Loh who aims for consistency across his clubs and ensures this by performing all gradings.

What can I wear to train when I start?

Loose clothing tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt will do.

How much does it cost?

1st few lessons are free come along give it a go and you will get an information pack with the different fee options.

I would like to join with my family but fear it may be too much, we are a family oriented club and have discounts available for families just ask.

How often can I train?

You can train as often as you like at any of our venues.