November 2022 National Taekwondo Competition

A Fantastic day had by all at the 38th TTA national championships held in Glasgow and hosted by Grandmaster TK Loh the head of the Traditional Taekwondo Association. Thanks to all competitors and parents for supporting our squad. A great achievement for our students and club!  Well done to all our students for your tenacity drive and bravery!  

A big thanks to our coaches on the day William Ferguson, Tony Devine and Angus Young senior.

We won 4 Golds 3 Silver and 3 Bronze medals on the day.

For the cadet female category we had 2 entries Ruby Morrison and Artemis McIntyre both did very well they met in the final in sparring with Ruby winning Gold and Artemis winning Silver. Artemis also won Bronze in the cadet patterns.

For the female Junior category Toni Kent won Gold at Sparring and Patterns, Toni’s level of patterns knowledge and skill are a great asset to her in the patterns events. Toni also recently passed her black belt 2nd dan grading.

The female adult sparring category we had competitor Eva Morrison who recently turned 16 this was the first time she competed in the adults section, she won Silver after a hard thought fight with a 4th dan more experienced adult. Eva also recently passed her black belt 2nd dan grading.

We also had our senior students performing refereeing duties on the day Areti Lymperopoulou performed well on the mat controlling the sparring events.

For the male events we had 3 entries in the Junior sparring category where Arlo Cathro-Brown won the final winning Gold. Seamus Bridges had a tough few fights for his first competition and was unlucky to win Bronze on the day, he has the right attitude to do very well in future events. Ross Duff had a hard final event and won Silver for his efforts.

For the boys cadet category we had 1 competitor Angus Young this was his first competition he done very well to win Bronze on the day losing the event by a few points.

This was Seamus and Angus’s first competition where they showed great spirit in their matches they will be stronger for this event and will come back stronger for the experience.

Full sparring results can be found on the kihapp competition website 38th TTA championships:  38th-tta-annual-british-individual-championships/results

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