New Black Belts

Congratulations to our 12 students for passing their Black Belt Grading proving put in the hard work you will get the rewards!
Lets keep developing and see what the future will bring.

All students had sitting participated in a gruelling 4 hour Black Belt test covering patterns sparring and breaking techniques.
The test was governed by Grandmaster Loh 10th Dan Taekwondo expert who is the founder of Traditional Taekwondo Association in the UK.

Our students covered adults and children levels.
William Ferguson and Matthias Schmautz passed their senior 1st Dan,
Scott McCoull successfully passed his 2nd Dan.
Our children girls had a successful day with the following all passing
their 1st Poom (Junior Black Belt); Jessica Naylor, Lauren Duffy, Charlotte Hesp,
Anna McCoull and Alana Tinlin.
The boys also did very well with John-Jo Paterson, Jamie Thomson and Rory Sneddon
all passing their 2nd Poom (Junior 2nd Dan) and Gary Hamilton passing his 1st Poom.

Also a very big thank you to Conan and Kristofer for their help!