7th time UK Team championships

Another great result for Falkirk Taekwondo club at the recent UK Team championships with the club winning the event for the unprecedented 7th time beating teams from all across the UK.

Each year the club grows stronger at every event just visit our website to see the history of our successes

10 Competitions giving us:
115 Gold Medals
84 Silver Medals
68 Bronze Medals.
This is an unbelievable achievement for our Taekwondo club who are the top
club in the Traditional Taekwondo Association led by 10th Dan Grandmaster TKLoh.

The club won 11 Golds 11 Silvers and 4 Bronzes in sparring and paired Poomsae.

This year the competition introduced paired poomsae where you have to perform with a partner in sync to get the best points, we won Gold Silver and Bronze in this event with Rory Sneddon and John-Jo Paterson winning Gold, Eve MacDougall and Freya Paterson winning Silver and Christopher Hudson and Elisha Shaw winning Bronze.

Apart from being crowned Team champions we came very close to winning the Black Belt adult male event losing by only 4 points Kristofer Irvine is getting better each year at this event, Conan Irvine 19 came up against a much older and stronger opponent he had a very tough match but his skills shined through to enable him to win his match, Marc Rivett showed his class by winning his fights against heavier opponents in style. I am sure we will win this in the future with the calibre of students we have in the club. A Double congratulations go to Conan and Marc who competed in their first international competition in Belgium early this year they missed out in the medals but gained a vast amount of experience which they can bring to the club to make us stronger in the future.

Jamie Thomson at 11 years old showed great maturity and control to win his final fight against a larger more aggressive opponent with a knock out in the 1st round.

John-Jo Paterson had some tough matches against the Ayr team to win his 6th gold in his short career.
Rory Sneddon also won his 5th Gold in sparring.

Elisha Shaw performed in 2 sparring events and the patterns event winning Gold, Silver and Bronze.
Vincent Connolly a first time competitor won Gold along with his brother Aaron who won Silver.

Dylan McCormick one of the tiniest competitors on the day weighing 20kg won his first Silver in his first competition, another lightweight Abby Robertson also won Silver.

Gary Hamilton, Daniel Hesp performed excellently to win more Golds for the club.

I could go on and mention all students who competed as every one of them did their club
and parents proud by having the courage to compete and win the shield for our club.

Medal winners were as follows;,
Gold medalists, Conan Irvine, Liam Muir, John-Jo Paterson, Jamie Thomson, Rory Sneddon, Elisha Shaw, Vincent Connolly, Gary Hamilton, Daniel Hesp.

Silver medalists, Elisha Shaw, Kristofer Irvine, William Hu, Sam Edwards, Abby Robertson, Conan Irvine, Marc Rivett, Calia Gilmour, Christopher Hudson.

Bronze medalists, Dylan McCormick, Aaron Connolly, Christopher Hudson, Elisha Shaw.

For all our competitors who just missed out on a medal your time will come just persevere.

Thank you so much to everyone who made such an effort to attend the event, without the efforts of students and parents we would not have been so successful, keep up the good work.
The club keeps going from strength to strength in the TTA and is now the undisputed champions
7 times in a row, if you want to train with the best come along for a free 2 week training session
and see how you enjoy the training, we run classes in Falkirk , Grangemouth, Stirling and Callander.