2016 successes

Falkirk Taekwondo had another successful year in sparring competitions
across Europe.
We started the year in Belgium at the international open
challenge cup, followed by England national open competitions in May and September.
These events use the same electronic systems as in the Olympics
and are a great development path for future elite athletes in Taekwondo.
We also competed in 2 Traditional Taekwondo national competitions
in Scotland held by Grandmaster Loh in May and November.
Our students did a great job representing Scotland in these events and had
some tough opponents during their travels, they are all better for the experience
and will continue to develop their skills in Taekwondo.
For our efforts we gained 10 Gold 9 Silver and 2 Bronze medals plus 2 Team spirit trophies.
Our medal winners are
Elisha Shaw 4 Golds
Jamie Thomson 1 Gold 1 Silver 1 Bronze
John-Jo Paterson 1 Gold 1 Silver
Rory Sneddon 1 Gold 3 Silver
Eva Morrison 1 Gold 1 Silver
Gary Hamilton 1 Gold
Matthew Johnston 1 Gold
Tom McCulloch 1 Silver
Father and Son:
Samarjit Santhosh 1 Silver 1 Bronze
Santhosh Kumar 1 Silver
Falkirk Taekwondo training is in Graeme High School Falkirk on Tuesday/Thursday
and Callander Wednesday/Saturday we welcome any new student who would like to develop their self defence skills and build confidence in all they do.
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