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Belgium open Medals

At the recent Taekwondo open international competition in Belgium Conan Irvine gained his first Bronze medal after competing in his 2nd international event he did very well to win his first fight, just losing out in his 2nd fight by a few points.

Liam Muir and Kristofer Irvine also competed and both competitors done very well at the event for the first time and lost by a few points in very close matches.

I am sure their experience will benefit them and the club in the long term.

Falkirk Taekwondo Club win UK Championship for the 8th time!!

Another fantastic competition for the club winning the UK championship for the
8th time coming away with a mixture of 14 Golds, 14 Silvers and 9 Bronze.
This competition was a mixture of 14 patterns and 23 sparring medals competing
against teams from Scotland England and Ireland.

Our Taekwondo girls won 4 Golds, Abby Robertson the youngest of the
competitors done great, sisters Aimee and Calia Gilmour done very well and
Elisha Shaw won another to add to her growing collection.

The girls also added 4 Silvers, Samantha Gordon done very well for her first competition
and will be better for the experience, Laura MacDougall, Elisha Shaw and Emily Fyffe
won the other Silvers.
Aimee Gilmour Emily Fyffe and Rebecca Shaw won Bronze to make it a great end to
their day.

The boys again had a strong competition winning 10 Golds with Alasdair Cox, Conan Irvine, Dylan McCormick
Gary Hamilton (2), Jamie Thomson, John-Jo Paterson and Liam Muir (2), Lewis Witherspoon
also won his first Gold showing that perseverance will get you the benefits after coming
close in his previous competitions.

For the Silver medals (10 in total) brothers Aaron and Vincent Connelly done well to win, Alasdair Cox
Conan Irvine (2), Dylan McCormick and Rory Sneddon (2) as well as Christopher Hudson (2) bringing back the Silverware with a smile on their faces.

Lastly we won a total of 9 Bronze with Kristofer Irvine winning 2 Aaron Connelly, Aimee Gilmour, Emily Fyffe, John-Jo Paterson, Jamie Thomson, Rebecca shaw and Vincent Connelly winning the rest.

Each student deserves a special mention here as they all showed true Taekwondo spirit
and tenacity to get the results they deserve.

Again it was a fantastic day for all involved, we have a great family friendly club who work together
to give us the successes we get, without the support of all the parents it would not be possible. Thanks!
to all of you and enjoy the festive break ahead.

This year we also saw Mark Doyle Ricky Buchanan and Laura MacDougall get their 1st Dan Black Belts,
we also have new Junior Black Belts Rory Sneddon, John-Jo Paterson and Daniel Hesp, Alasdair Cox
received his 2nd Dan as well.

With the commonwealth games around the corner we have a number of potential stars
who are in with a good chance of fighting for Scotland, watch this space.

7th time UK Team championships

Another great result for Falkirk Taekwondo club at the recent UK Team championships with the club winning the event for the unprecedented 7th time beating teams from all across the UK.

Each year the club grows stronger at every event just visit our website to see the history of our successes

10 Competitions giving us:
115 Gold Medals
84 Silver Medals
68 Bronze Medals.
This is an unbelievable achievement for our Taekwondo club who are the top
club in the Traditional Taekwondo Association led by 10th Dan Grandmaster TKLoh.

The club won 11 Golds 11 Silvers and 4 Bronzes in sparring and paired Poomsae.

This year the competition introduced paired poomsae where you have to perform with a partner in sync to get the best points, we won Gold Silver and Bronze in this event with Rory Sneddon and John-Jo Paterson winning Gold, Eve MacDougall and Freya Paterson winning Silver and Christopher Hudson and Elisha Shaw winning Bronze.

Apart from being crowned Team champions we came very close to winning the Black Belt adult male event losing by only 4 points Kristofer Irvine is getting better each year at this event, Conan Irvine 19 came up against a much older and stronger opponent he had a very tough match but his skills shined through to enable him to win his match, Marc Rivett showed his class by winning his fights against heavier opponents in style. I am sure we will win this in the future with the calibre of students we have in the club. A Double congratulations go to Conan and Marc who competed in their first international competition in Belgium early this year they missed out in the medals but gained a vast amount of experience which they can bring to the club to make us stronger in the future.

Jamie Thomson at 11 years old showed great maturity and control to win his final fight against a larger more aggressive opponent with a knock out in the 1st round.

John-Jo Paterson had some tough matches against the Ayr team to win his 6th gold in his short career.
Rory Sneddon also won his 5th Gold in sparring.

Elisha Shaw performed in 2 sparring events and the patterns event winning Gold, Silver and Bronze.
Vincent Connolly a first time competitor won Gold along with his brother Aaron who won Silver.

Dylan McCormick one of the tiniest competitors on the day weighing 20kg won his first Silver in his first competition, another lightweight Abby Robertson also won Silver.

Gary Hamilton, Daniel Hesp performed excellently to win more Golds for the club.

I could go on and mention all students who competed as every one of them did their club
and parents proud by having the courage to compete and win the shield for our club.

Medal winners were as follows;,
Gold medalists, Conan Irvine, Liam Muir, John-Jo Paterson, Jamie Thomson, Rory Sneddon, Elisha Shaw, Vincent Connolly, Gary Hamilton, Daniel Hesp.

Silver medalists, Elisha Shaw, Kristofer Irvine, William Hu, Sam Edwards, Abby Robertson, Conan Irvine, Marc Rivett, Calia Gilmour, Christopher Hudson.

Bronze medalists, Dylan McCormick, Aaron Connolly, Christopher Hudson, Elisha Shaw.

For all our competitors who just missed out on a medal your time will come just persevere.

Thank you so much to everyone who made such an effort to attend the event, without the efforts of students and parents we would not have been so successful, keep up the good work.
The club keeps going from strength to strength in the TTA and is now the undisputed champions
7 times in a row, if you want to train with the best come along for a free 2 week training session
and see how you enjoy the training, we run classes in Falkirk , Grangemouth, Stirling and Callander.

Falkirk Taekwondo Club Best ever Scottish result at National Taekwondo Competition

18 Gold 9 Silver and 5 Bronze medals to win the Top team trophy
at the TTA 30th National Taekwondo event held recently at Coatbridge
under the guidance of Grandmaster TK Loh 10th Dan Taekwondo expert.
The event is the longest running Taekwondo competition in Scotland
celebrating 30 years.

This year we excelled in the patterns and the sparring with our club bringing
back 18 Golds, 9 silver and 5 Bronze. This is our best ever achievement in the
competition and may be the best ever achievement in the history of the
event so is a fantastic achievement for all competitors.

In the patterns section we won Gold silver and Bronze in the Children yellow
belt event with Eve Macdougall, Freya Paterson and Caitlin Harrison bringing
the medals home respectively in their first ever competition.

Gary Hamilton won Gold in the Children Green Belt event.

In the children’s Blue belt event Rory Sneddon and Elisha shaw brought home
Gold and Silver respectively.
Jisin Joseph and Alana Tinlin just missed out on the medals this time but
will be back next year to try again.

John Jo Paterson won Gold in the Children Red Belt patterns event, Daniel Hesp
won Silver.

In the Juniors Rebecca Shaw won Silver and Emily Fyffe won Bronze in the Blue
belt patterns event.

In the Adults Black Belt patterns Alasdair cox won Gold and Laura Macdougall
won Silver.

For the sparring we had some amazing fights from both young and old
our club instructors won 7 Golds 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals between
them, Marc Rivett won 3 Golds, Alasdair Cox and Conan Irvine won 2 Golds
Kristofer Irvine won Silver and Ross Walker won Bronze in his first adult event.

In the Juniors event Liam Muir had some tough fights but came out on top to
win Gold in the poom belt event, Eilidh Walker just missed out on the Gold and
brought back a well deserved Silver medal.

Daniel Hesp and Christopher Hudson met each other in another children
final where the more experienced Daniel came out on top winning Gold,
Christopher showed some good promise for the future when he brought
home the Silver. Lewis Witherspoon won Bronze in his event.

Gary Hamilton had a very difficult final against a taller opponent and fought
with spirit to win Silver medal.

Rory Sneddon and John jo Paterson teamed up to both win their 2nd Gold medal
of the day in sparring in the children category.

Elisha Shaw won Gold in children sparring along with Jamie Thomson who
won another Gold after some very difficult fights.

As well as celebrating our recent win we are celebrating the promotion of
Jamie Thomson to Junior Black Belt and Ross Walker to Black Belt along
with brothers Kristofer and Conan Irvine who were promoted to 2nd dan Black Belts.
All 4 students had to endure a 4 hour grading event held by Grandmaster Loh 9th
Dan Taekwondo expert.

This was our best ever result at a national competition and will be very difficult
for anyone to beat this magical achievement!
Our club continues to go from strength to strength every year and we have fantastic
students with potential to reach the highest level in Taekwondo!

The forgotten heroes in Taekwondo is the parents who drive their children to events and
classes to ensure they have the best training and development opportunities in sport.
I’d like to say a big thank you to all of them for supporting our Taekwondo family.

Falkirk Taekwondo come out top in National Taekwondo competition

At the recent Traditional Taekwondo Association National team championships in Coatbrige our clubs achievements were amazing we won 12 Golds, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze medals as well as the Best team spirit!

In the children’s category we participated in 14 events and won 9 Golds 2 Silver and 3 Bronze.

Rory Sneddon won his first Gold and was over the moon with his achievements he had to fight hard for his trophy, Daniel Hesp also won his first Gold medal in the competition after coming close in previous events.

Gary Hamilton won his 2nd medal in his 2nd competition this time gaining a Gold in sparring.

Liam Ferguson, Jisin Joseph and Lewis Witherspoon all received Bronze medals to add to our tally.

Sisters Naomi and Tegan O’May both won Gold medals with Tegan coming out top in a close contest with team
mate Elisha Shaw who won Silver in her first ever competition. Elisha is one to watch in future events, Sister Rebecca Shaw also did well in her first competition to win Silver medal.

John-Jo Paterson again got through to the final and won his 2nd Gold medal in 2 competitions, team mate Jamie Thomson came through some tough matches to win his first Gold medal he is getting stronger at every competition.

Liam Muir won another Gold when he beat a tough opponent to add to his trophies, Liam keeps on developing and getting stronger in every competition he has the potential in the future to be involved in the sport at the highest level.

In the 3 man Coloured belt team we won Gold, Daniel Mallin Martin, William Ferguson and Kenny McQuaide all went home happy with their trophies.

Laura Macdougall competed in two events winning a Gold and Silver for her efforts.

This again was a great achievement, without the help of parents and students it would not be possible to reach these heights! I’d like to thank everyone for their time and dedication which made this event a success and proves we are truly a strong team with a long future ahead of us.

Grandmaster Park visit

On April the 16th Falkirk&Callander Taekwondo club had the great honour of training with 2 famous Grandmasters, Grandmaster Park Hae Man 10th Dan and Grandmaster TK Loh 10th Dan visited our club and ran a patterns seminar. Grandmaster Park was one of the early pioneers of Taekwondo starting his Taekwondo career in 1945, he was one of the Original Masters who created the early poomsae’s which are still in use today though they have been updated since then.

The seminar started with the old scottish tradition of our guests being piped into the event by one of our young students.

Grandmaster Park then commenced the seminar with a warm up, he then covered all the Taeguk patterns and Black Belt patterns stopping at relevant points to explain the movements and the reason for the way the movements are to be performed.

All students who attended learned about their patterns and the purpose of the movement, I am sure that everyone left the seminar with more knowledge and inspiration from such a great modest man.

We ended the day by presenting Grandmaster Park with a traditional Scottish Quaich to remember the event.

Photo’s are now on our website for viewing.

A big thanks to Grandmaster Loh and Grandmaster Park for making it such a memorable day.

Taekwondo Championship Results April 2011

At the TTA National team championships in Coatbrige our clubs achievements were again OUTSTANDING we won 11 Golds, 14 Silver and 4 Bronze medals as well as the Best team spirit.

In the children’s category we participated in 8 events and won 5 Golds 4 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals:

Robbie Player won his first Gold and was over the moon with his achievements he had to fight hard for his trophy and is the new under 37kg UK champion he had to beat 3 opponents including his team mate on his way to victory, Daniel Hesp fought Robbie in the semi final but had to pull out due to a foot injury Daniel received a Bronze medal for his efforts.

In the under 40kg category Callum Gray just missed out in a medal when he lost his match by 1 point, he is improving every competition.

We then progressed onto the under 43kg category where Liam Ferguson received Bronze for his efforts and his team mate Scott McCoull won his 2nd Gold medal in consecutive competitions, Scott fought well to win the final decisively.

In the under 25kg category we had sisters Naomi and Tegan O’May up against each other in the final, even though they are sisters they gave each other a hard match with Naomi just getting the better of her sister to win Gold with Tegan winning Silver. After this match Naomi went straight into another final for the under 31kg category and had a hard match against the existing champion where she lost by a few points and won the Silver medal.

Naomi and Tegan are a credit to their parents and club for the dedication they put into their training at least 4 times a week, it will be good to see them in a few more years as they continue to develop.

In the next female category under 44kg we again won Gold and Silver with the reigning champion Anna Holden defeating team mate Eilidh Johnston in a close fought well spirited match.

The next children’s match saw John-Jo paterson getting through to the final and just losing to give him Silver medal position for the under 27kg category his team mate Lewis Witherspoon done well to get a Bronze at his first competition.

Our last children’s match of the day the under 53kg category saw Eilidh Walker retaining her championship crown winning her third successive Gold medal in the last year.

In the Junior’s category there was 5 events with our club winning Gold in 3 of them:

Liam Muir won Gold in the under 45kg category when he beat a tough opponent from Ireland in the final to receive another Gold medal to add to his trophies, this was Liam’s first event in the Juniors and he has a great future ahead.

Ross Walker had two hard fights against team mates from the Harrogate club and came home with another Gold medal for the under 73kg event.

Eilidh Johnston moved up to the Junior event and won her 1st Gold medal for the under 42kg category, this was Eilidh’s first sparring competition and she won a Gold and Silver, we are looking forward to seeing her in the next competition.

In the adult event we also did very well considering a few years back we had no adult teams, this time we had 3 winning 3 Golds and 10 Silver medals.

In the five man Coloured belt team we had 2 sets of players who had to defeat Ayr and Nottingham to meet each other in the final. They both did this after some strong competition from their opponents setting up an all Falkirk final. Although they are team mates they gave each other some hard fights. There had to be winners and for their efforts Ian Hodge Tony Clark and Andy Harrison received Gold with William Ferguson Lee Hesp Sandy Robertson Marek Dzurko and Kenny McQuaide receiving Silver.

The other team event was the Black Belt team, this was only the 2nd competition for our newly formed senior team and they did outstanding, they had to compete against strong opposition from Nottingham to get into the final which they did by winning 3 to 2 against more experienced players. This meant they progressed to the final against the reigning champions Glasgow where unfortunately they lost out on Gold but won a well deserved Silver with matches a lot closer than expected with only a few points separating them from their victors. For their efforts Conan Irvine Kristofer Irvine Ricky Buchanan and Marc Rivett all went home with a Silver. We are looking forward to next year for the rematch.

In the female adult event we had Laura Macdougall competing in the under 67kg category competing against more senior grades she won her 1st two fights convincingly to progress to the final where she won a Silver medal for her efforts. At 16 years old and a Green Belt she did very well to get to the final and has a great future in Taekwondo.

This again was a great achievement, without the help of parents and students it would not be possible to reach these heights! I’d like to thank everyone for their time and dedication which made this event a success.

Back to normal

All training is back to normal, last training days for 2010 are;

Falkirk is Tuesday at Grangemouth High School 7 to 9pm.

Stirling is Wednesday in Raploch Campus and Callander at usual time.

Training starts back in 2011 on Thursday the 6th January.

New Class Starting


Falkirk&Callander receive Best Team Spirit Trophy

This has been a sensational year for the club celebrating 28 years in Falkirk, 3 years in Callander and 1 year in Stirling under the tutelage of Grandmaster Loh 10th Dan Black Belt.
We started the year in April winning the Traditional Taekwondo Association (TTA) championships defeating teams from all over the UK and Ireland winning the championship shield the fourth time in a row see news for details.
In the middle of the year we also succesfully promoted 4 new black belts to join our ever growing team of Black Belts who are key to the continued development of our clubs, Kenny McMahon and Alasdair Cox were promoted
to 1st Dan Black Belts, Anna Holden and Michael Taylor were promoted to Junior Black Belt 1st Poom. This was after attending a 4 hour gruelling grading session under the watchfull eye of Grandmaster Loh.
Recently we competed in the 28th TTA championships where we won 7 Gold, 8 silver and 12 Bronze and receiving a Best Team Spirit trophy for our efforts.
We had some very close contests throughout the day and have some great students young and old within our club who made it another great success.
Top medal winner was Liam Muir 1 Gold and 2 silver for sparring this gives Liam a medal haul of 7 Gold, 4 Silvers and 1 Bronze over a 2 year period which is a major achievement for a 12 year old boy.
This tournament saw Liam overtake the largest 2 year medal hall which was held previously by Conan Irvine with 7 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze and it was Conan’s achievements that gave us our 1st UK Championship title back in 2008.
Other Golds for sparring were awarded to Tony Clark, Scott McCoull, Eilihd Walker and Anna Holden.
The club also won all 3 places in the adult coloured belt category with William Ferguson receiving Gold, Mark McKenny and Sandy Robertson receiving Silver and Bronze respectively.
Kenny McQuade, Kristofer Irvine and Stuart Berrows all received Silver in sparring.
Laura MacDougall, Brian Glennie and Carmen Tran achieved Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively in the patterns competition.
Ross Walker, Ricky Buchanan, Jamie Thomson, Daniel Hesp, Ian Hodge, Conan Irvine, Callum Gray and  Liam Ferguson also recieved Bronze medals for sparring.
Alasdair Cox participated in sparring and patterns events receiving Bronze in both, he also recently received the young coach of the year award from Stirling council.
Tegan O’May the smallest and youngest Girl at 8 years old in the competition won a 2nd successive silver medal against a much taller and heavier opponent this is a great achievement for an 8 year who only started Taekwondo a year ago, she is one to watch in the future.
It has also been a fantastic year for the Traditional Taekwondo Association which started up in Scotland 30 years ago with the 1st club in Cumbernauld a few years later 28 years ago the Falkirk club was opened and still going strong as you can see from our results over the last few years.
We also have clubs in Callander, Grangemouth and Stirling (The Peak and Raploch Campus).
Grandmaster Loh the chief instructor and chairman of the Traditional Taekwondo Association was recently promoted to the 9th Dan Taekwondo Black Belt one of the highest grades you can get in Taekwondo, he is the youngest Taekwondo expert to achieve this and only the 136th person in the world to make this rank, he is the only 9th Dan in the UK, we are honoured to have such a renowned leader to guide us in our Taekwondo journey, congratulations to Grandmaster Loh for his dedication to this art.
If you are interested in coming along to train with our club see our contact page for details.